Monthly Archives: June 2014

Action Indeed Is The Sole Medium Of Expression For Ethics

Metraclark took action when our new social and ethics committee was launched this month. The new committee was launched to implement the code of ethics that will govern the activities of all Metraclark entities. The code applies to all Metraclark employees & stakeholders including customers and suppliers. The implementation of this committee will ensure the success of the company is built on loyal, reputable & integral reputation. We believe it is these attributes which will continue the success & profitability of the company.

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Harvesting Potential

When you are supplying a key product like Granadillas to an important market, you have to ensure that you have the right equipment to get the refrigeration job completed first time round with no short falls.

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Enjoy A Cold One On Us

Metraclark introduces the new stylish yet affordable range of stainless steel Ice Baby automatic ice machines. The ice baby is available in two sizes – the ZB20, which produces 20kg/24h and the ZB50, which produces 50kg/24hr. These are based at the following conditions: 21c air entering temperature & 10c water entering temperature.

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