Action Indeed Is The Sole Medium Of Expression For Ethics

Metraclark took action when our new social and ethics committee was launched this month. The new committee was launched to implement the code of ethics that will govern the activities of all Metraclark entities. The code applies to all Metraclark employees & stakeholders including customers and suppliers. The implementation of this committee will ensure the success of the company is built on loyal, reputable & integral reputation. We believe it is these attributes which will continue the success & profitability of the company.

Metraclark is committed to selling products and services honestly, as well as keeping to the highest standards when it comes to our products, operations & services. The Social and Ethics committee is here to ensure that the company conducts dealings in a manner that meets existing needs without knowingly compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs. The Social and Ethics committee will pursue a healthy and safe work environment, where everyone will treat one another with respect, obey the law and act in good faith.

The Whistle Blower Policy which is part of the policy is in place to offer all stakeholders an alternative channel to report matters without the risk of subsequent victimization, discrimination or disadvantage. The Whistle blower structure is intended for certain serious misconducts and acts as a supplement to the regular reporting channels.

Any reports of misconduct can be submitted to:
Post: gl.Whistleblowing,
MAQS Law Firm,
Box 226, S-201 22
Malmö, Sweden. 


Or Alternatively you can report anything to Toll free number: +27 (0) 800 033 309 International number: +27 (0) 11 620 0333 Email:, PO BOX 38357, Booysens, 2016


The committee will not compromise its principles for short-term advantage; it will uphold the guidelines set out in the policies and procedures.


The ethical performance of this company is the sum of the ethics of all who work here. Thus, we are all expected to adhere to high standards of personal integrity.