AIRCOOL Rooftop Packaged Units

Metraclark recently launched an all new range of Aircool rooftop package units.


The Aircool rooftop unit is ideal to maintain temperature control, with environmentally friendly attributes and energy efficient cooling; it is the best choice you will make.


The range varies from 35kW – 98kW of the fixed speed type and is for normal and tropical applications, with ambient operating temperature of between -5 to 52°C in cooling mode.

The refrigerant used is eco-friendly and highly efficient R410a which has an ozone depletion potential of zero. Units are equipped with highly reliable and efficient Danfoss scroll compressors. Inner grooved copper and efficient aluminium hydrophilic fins enhance the efficiency of the design. 

Aircool rooftop package units are equipped with a two stage compressor start up control incorporating intelligent time delay relays to protect the compressors from too frequent starts and stops. Units come standard with low and high pressure cut out switches as well as compressor current protection.


The durable, weather resistant construction includes 5 step anti-corrosion treatments, 1000 hours of rigorous salt spray testing, heavy gauge galvanised plates, alloy fan blades and stainless steel bolts.


A fresh air intake allows for up to 25% fresh air to be introduced into the indoor space. Washable nylon filters complete the package.   

A check button with LED’s allows the technician to check the operation status of the unit.  Units are fitted with external gauge ports to make it easy to check the units’ refrigerant charge. The units’ belt driven forward curve centrifugal fan can be adjusted using the fan/motor guide rail. This ensures accurate air speeds and pressures resulting in lower noise levels.