Being Part of a 25 Year Old Team

Jun 19 2017 9:20 AM


OTTC are the leading training provider in the industry with focus on Commercial and Industrial Refrigeration as well as courses on Air-conditioning, Ammonia Refrigeration, transport refrigeration, electrical engineering and many more. Students from around Africa have been part of this institution and have benefited from their passionate and spirited approach since 1992.

What started out as a dream for Peter and Isolde Dobelin has grown over the last quarter of a century into an establishment that has taught many generations and helped many peers improve their knowledge and proficiency of our industry. With Isolde carrying on with the dream it is obvious from the list of attendees at the celebration that it is relationships with the industries top minds and suppliers that have developed this organization into the winner it is today.


As part of the celebrations, suppliers who had sponsored equipment to the school were honored for their contribution. From our side, it was an honor to be awarded a certificate of appreciation from OTTC for our backing and support which included sponsorship of equipment for the latest Co2 refrigeration training program. Metraclark being a supplier of quality and technology leading equipment made it easy enough for us to supply this equipment and we look forward to the rewards from it.


Congratulations to OTTC on their 25th anniversary and their new Co2 subcritical training facility.