Nov 20 2017 1:03 PM


Metraclark PROUDLY launched a new range of Carrier Residential and Light Commercial Air conditioners. Carrier has once again innovated outside of the box with exciting new features that will add value to both end users and technicians alike. 

Meeting the requirements of the Energy Efficacy Rating (EER) set by the government we have launched a new range of High-Wall Fixed Speed and Inverter Air Conditioners.  


The QSS family of Light Commercial Ducted units now adds to this exciting NEW range of products.


How this works
The digital controller adjusts the air volume according to the external static pressure of the system installed. In the case of short ducting or low external static pressure, the unit will reduce the fan revs per minute (RPM) while maintaining the desired air volume. This reduces air noise and duct vibration. In the case of long ducting or ducting with higher external static pressure, the unit automatically increases fan RPM to maintain the desired air volume. By overcoming the challenge of delivering sufficient air through ducting with elevated external static pressure, system performance is enhanced assisting technicians to optimise air balancing.

We are very excited about this new product and its features and are confident that it will meet and exceed expectations of what an air conditioning can do in your application.