End of Year Communication

2013 is quickly coming to an end and for some not quick enough. It has been a challenging year for most of us, not only difficult market conditions but also the relocation of our Head Offices and Central Distribution facility had added a number of challenges along the way. Despite this Metraclark has yet again pulled through on the resilience of our employees and managed to meet most requests and demands from our customers.


At branch level we also had some relocations that were successfully completed, we had numerous customer evenings that were held and received very positive customer reaction. We also opened our 5th African branch this year in Lusaka and can report that this branch is fully operational and ready to supply the Zambian market with our high quality products.

We have again this year introduced multiple new products expanding our customer base and ability to supply existing markets with a wider product offering. Our traditional refrigeration business held strong and is still the major success of Metraclark. 

I want to thank our employees for all their commitment and efforts during the year, also a word of thanks to our numerous suppliers and service providers who enables us to function.


As a final word – Thank you to each and every Metraclark customer for your loyal support and business during 2013, we know that Metraclark is not faultless and we will improve to serve you better in 2014.


I wish all of you a blessed festive season and some well-deserved rest days with family and friends. Please keep safe as Metraclark need all of you back in 2014.


Thank you

Jurie Benade