Engineering Department

Feb 19 2018 7:40 AM


Metraclark Engineering Department specializes in equipment development, design as well as providing technical product support as part of a complete offering through Metraclark. As a department, we also offer our professional services to consultants and contractors to design and manufacture the best suit product solutions for the end customer.

Our Team:

Mr. Driaan van der Merwe – Applications and Development Engineer (Engineering Manager)
Mr. Hylton Ordman – Senior Engineer – Applications and Support 
Mr. Nicolaas Du Plessis –Applications and Development Engineer
Mr.Jeanre Botha – Applications and Development Engineer
Mr. Peter Hoetmer – Senior Engineer – Development and Training

Our Team Boasts a Total of 85 years of experience in the HVAC&R Industry.

Some of our offerings through our preferred manufacturers include:


• Single-and Multi Compressor systems (Indoor and Outdoor, HFC and R744)  

• Specialized Chillers 

• Heat Exchangers

• Electrical Boards and Temperature Control


We are awaiting your enquiry through our large branch network to assist with technical support or design the Best product solution for your next project!