Enjoy A Cold One On Us

Jun 9 2014 2:30 PM


Metraclark introduces the new stylish yet affordable range of stainless steel Ice Baby automatic ice machines. The ice baby is available in two sizes – the ZB20, which produces 20kg/24h and the ZB50, which produces 50kg/24hr. These are based at the following conditions: 21c air entering temperature & 10c water entering temperature.


The ZB20 is ideally suited for residential use while the ZB50 is suitable for both residential and light commercial use. You can store up to 3.5kg in the ZB20 and 10kg in the ZB50 of the bullet shaped ice cubes which measure roughly 28mm in Diameter by 40mm in length.


The units are pre charged with R134a which is good for the Ozone and are factory tested.


The units are charged with R134a refrigerant which has no ozone depletion potential and run at 170W and 280W respectively. The unit needs to be connected to a water supply with the pipe that is supplied and have drain pipes that need to be routed into external drains. The installation is simple enough to be done by DIY enthusiasts.  The units are then plugged into normal 220V~ plug sockets.

The Ice Baby comes standard with a host of features which include indicators for low water level, normal running condition, a full ice bin as well as a light to indicate if there is a fault. The ice baby machines come with adjustable feet and an ice scoop for ease of use.

Ice Babies are distributed and supported by 30 branches in Southern Africa Please contact your nearest Metraclark branch for further details.