Jun 25 2018 9:19 AM


The Frigair Expo has held between the Wednesday, 06. June to Friday, 08. June this year and took place at the Gallagher Convention Centre, this event is held every three years in Johannesburg and is the only international trade fair for air conditioning and refrigeration in South Africa. 


Metraclark was proud to be part of this amazing expo, showcasing a range of technologies including CO2 in the sectors of heating, ventilation, cooling, refrigeration and energy development, with all its partners there to support them. Metraclark believes it is important to always remain on the cutting edge and to constantly be informed about the latest developments, trends, and innovations. Metraclark with their trust partners/suppliers where happy to be able to take part in this expo to help provide a unique platform for this purpose, because it is more and more a matter of producing equipment that is energy efficient and protects the environment from unfriendly emissions.   


The expo attracts developers, engineers, architects, contractors, training providers, entrepreneurs, engineers and designers in the industry, the expo helps to establish business contacts and to generate new sales markets with the support of an international network of suppliers there to help with the sales.