Sep 25 2018 8:44 AM

Gree has now been added  to the Metraclark HVAC product line-up;  this gives Metraclark the unique opportunity to offer a solution to almost any HVAC requirement you may have. Carrier will still form the basis of our residential and light commercial offering while Gree will add to the commercial and heavy commercial product line-up:

• VRF; Mini for residential and small offices as well as Heat Pump and Heat Recovery for larger applications such as hotels and hospitals
• Chillers; Air-cooled Scroll and Screw as well as water cooled Screw and Centrifugal
• Package units; Inverter and Non-Inverter ranging from 25kW to 365kW units

If your HVAC requirements cannot be met by the above-mentioned products; we have an engineering department that is ready and capable of designing a unit to suit your needs. These bespoke units are built and assembled in our Recam factory.  


Metraclark brings you excellence through experience with total comfort from the new range of Gree products now supplied and supported by Metraclark. Contact one of our branches today for more information.