Intelligent Refrigeration Solutions!

The most innovative approach to facility management. This system integrates the hardware and service to offer you an overview of what the actual running cost is to operate and maintain a facility and understand the entire network.


The intelligent control system transforms data collected from equipment and controllers into actionable insights when linked to a Dixell monitoring system to deliver value by;


• Assisting the decision maker on how to invest in the smartest resources

• Gain feedback and customise services to your facility needs

• Reduce operational cost and promotes convenience


The Copeland Scroll with variable speed fan motor, larger condenser coils and advanced control algorithms all contributes to the Emerson ZX Condensing Unit exceptional energy efficiency. The integrated electronics provide protection against over-current, over-heating, incorrect phase rotation, compressor cycling, high pressure resets, and low pressure cut-outs. It is also capable of sending out warning messages to an operator when there is a liquid flood back, which can prevent critical damage on the unit.


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