Introducing the New CubO2 Smart C02 Natural Refrigerant Condensing Units

Metraclark has the latest technology, quality assured Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning product solutions to best fit your application needs. Supported by a Specialist Contractor Network in and around Southern Africa.

The CubO2 Smart uses advanced technology to ensure that it operates efficiently in transcritical mode. The innovations include advanced control technology, an inverter-driven compressor, an EC variable speed condenser/gas cooler fan motor, floating suction pressure and head pressure control, an electronic expansion valve with variable superheat control, and management of the high pressure valve and the receiver pressure regulating valve.


Natural refrigerant condensing units with very low carbon footprint & lower energy consumption than traditional HFC systems.

CubO2 Smart C02 inverter driven units are available in both medium and low temperature applications. Standard with brushless DC inverter compressors and EC fan motors.

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