No Compromise

Sep 13 2016 9:54 AM


Cool FX didn’t “compromise” when they started on the revamp of the Enterprise foods factory shop in Germiston. The aim of the project was to provide the shop with the ability to service more customers.


Cool FX was awarded the project to deliver and install all the cold and freezer rooms, the cabinets and all the related refrigeration equipment.


Cool FX along with Metraclark chose a  ZX unit option accompanied by Emerson EX3 generation Electronic expansion valves to elevate the energy efficiency and allow the store to meet all its prerequisites.  The cabinets were ordered with high performance coils, EC fans and night blinds to further enhance energy saving for the store. The main cold room was 21KW @-5 with SU240h blowers, a total of 15 units were also installed.

The project was successfully completed on the 15th of July 2016.  It ran smoothly and was a successful team effort between Cool FX and Metraclark, leaving Enterprise a totally satisfied customer with the excellence of the project.