Satellite Compressors in refrigeration

Apr 23 2018 10:13 AM

In the past individual or single compressor systems were used for most medium and low-temperature applications. Until, with refrigeration technology development, multiple or parallel refrigeration systems were introduced into the industry. By making use of these multiple compressor systems overall performance and efficiency can be optimized by load sharing between the compressors and staggering the run times of these compressors. However, there are few instances where the energy savings potential of multiple similar compressors is decreased. One of these cases, for example, is extremely low-temperature freezer rooms and cabinets that fall below the average design temperature of the overall low-temperature system requiring refrigeration. Another instance is on the medium temperature side where you have an isolated high-temperature system requiring refrigeration but the majority of the system is running at a much lower design suction temperature.  In order to enhance the overall system performance and energy consumption, satellite compressors are introduced by connecting the isolated high or low-temperature users to an individual compressor installed on the common frame of the multiplex system. These satellite compressors then have their own suction header and share the discharge header with the rest of the multiplex system, thereby sharing a common condenser and liquid receiver. 

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