Taking It To A New Low

May 16 2017 8:52 AM


The building had a total power supply of only 170 Amps which they had to use for all refrigeration, packaging lines,  lighting,  computers and etc.


The total amps for the plant we supplied is running at an average of between  95 – 100 Apms. The equipment included outdoor Recam  compressor units, Recam condensers and Recam evaporators.
The plant has 3 cold rooms, 2 for bulk storage and 1 dispatch room.
Metraclark’s solution offered and installed by Highveld refrigeration from Middelburg includes:

• Weatherproof multiplex with a capacity of 148 refrigeration kilowatts (2.54 COP) on medium temperature. Refrigerant used R507A.

• The compressor unit featured a Emerson Variable Speed Drive on the primary compressor to ensure energy savings. The compressor equipment design was further done with the following in mind; increased compressors longevity, reduced power line disturbances and reduced risk of compressors damage during start up and stop.

• A full Dixell electronic monitoring solution was installed to optimise system performance and for proper super heat control. This equipment included  Emerson EX4 & EX5 Electronic expansion valves with Dixell XEV22D EEV controller and Dixell Xweb 500.

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