Major Tech (Pty) Ltd was established in 1992, with a vision and mission of being the brand of choice, by consistently pushing the benchmark with innovative, high quality product developments, providing unparalleled service excellence and exceeding all expectations. The founder of Major Tech comes with a vast knowledge and over 30 years of hands-on experience in the electrical industry and is the driving force behind the vision of the company. Being a values-based organization, every decision and undertaking is underpinned by their core values.

CTR0310 -1.5-10mm Non Insltd Crimp Tool
CTR0310 1.5-10mm Non Insltd Crimp Tool
CTR0323 -Crimping Tool- For Pre-Insulated Lugs
CTR0323 -Crimping Tool -For Pre-Insulated Lugs
DP0108 190mm Diagonal Cutting Plier
DP0108 190mm Diagonal Cutting Plier
EP0108 -205mm Electrician Plier
EP0108 205mm Electrician Plier
EPC0109 -230mm Electrician Plier
EPC0109 230mm Electrician Plier
GJP0310- 10"Groove Joint Pliers
GJP0310 10"Groove Joint Pliers
HDP0316 -450g Profess Ballpein Hammer
HDP0316 - 450g Profess Ballpein Hammer
HSP0312- 300mm Professional Hacksaw
HSP0312 300mm Professional Hacksaw
HV0305 -5M Metal Tape Measure
HV0305- 5M Metal Tape Measure
KDC22 50mm -Cross Cable Shear
KDC22- 50mm Cross Cable Shear
KTE0206 6Psc Engineer Screwdriver Set
KTE0206 6Psc Engineer Screwdriver Set
KTK0306- 6Psc Screwdriver Set 1000V
KTK0306 -6Psc Screwdriver Set 1000V
KTK0707SG -7Psc Screw Driver Set
KTK0707SG- 7Psc Screw Driver Set
LP0108 -205mm Long Nose Plier
LP0108 -205mm Long Nose Plier
MPL0405 -3W Cob Headlamp 250 Lumens
MPL0405- 3W Cob Headlamp 250 Lumens
MT25 -Compact Meter Auto DMM, Temp, Capacitance, Hz
MT25 -Compact Meter Auto DMM, Temp, Capacitance, Hz
MT401 -AC Volt Detector & Light
MT401 AC Volt Detector & Light
MT605- Thermometer Pen -40/+250
MT605 -Thermometer Pen -40/+250
MT630 -Thermometer Single-50 To+1300
MT630- Thermometer Single-50 To+1300