Low Temp Commercial Compressor on R404 FH2511Z-XG1A
The new Tecumseh efficient, compact and quiet FH² range offering: 5 to 20% more energy efficiency and better acoustics (1 - 3 dBA quieter). Compact - one body size for entire cooling capacity, up to 36 mm shorter compared to FH range. Models cover a wide cooling capacity in the same mounting footprint, and also the new FH4544Z. Designed to meet the rigorous demands of commercial refrigeration applications where reliability is a must. Applications include walk-in cold rooms, refrigerated display cases, milk tanks and ice machines.
Low Temp Commercial Compressor on R507 AE2420Z
General products introduction:These hermetic reciprocating compressors are available for different application's purposes (Medium/Low temperatures). They are qualified for HFC refrigerants and HFC/HFO blends. Please refer to the manufacturer software and documentations for more details about selection and applictaion limits otherwise call on our local branches.Performance data conditions:Conditions EN12900 Low temperature application. Condensing temperature = +40°C Superheat = 10K Subcooling = 0K