VRF The Solution To Air-Conditioning, Suitable For Any Application

Although variable refrigerant flow technology, or VRF, has been around for many years, this HVAC technology has only come to the fore over the past five years, mainly due to its energy efficiency advantages.

There are many types of air-conditioning systems available and traditionally they all have one key ratio of one evaporator to one condenser. One VRF system condensing unit can be connected to multiple evaporators, each individually controlled by a user.

Similar to the more conventional ductless multi-split systems, which can also connect one outdoor section to several evaporators, VRF systems are different in that the system constantly modulates the amount of refrigerant being sent to each evaporator. By operating at varying speeds, VRF units work only at the needed rate, which is why they consume less energy than on/off systems, even if they run more frequently.

VRF systems use energy efficient R410a refrigerant which has an ozone depletion potential of zero, and is therefore eco-friendly. The energy efficient variable drive DC compressors doesn’t cause electricity spikes and dips which can damage other electrical equipment due to the system switching on and off continuously.

VRF systems, suitable for applications ranging from houses, small office blocks and businesses to hospitals, shopping malls and large multi storey buildings, are available in a two-pipe heat pump configured or as a three-pipe heat recovery system.

The main advantage of the heat recovery system is that one user can select 20ºC cooling while the person in the office next door can select 30ºC heating.

Metraclark has recently sold systems that have been installed at medical facilities throughout Gauteng where an average energy saving of 20% has been achieved.

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Metraclark also have an agent in Zambia. These outlets are replenished from 2 central warehouses based in Johannesburg.

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